Flea Market Flip Premieres Friday


HGTV’s reality show “Flea Market Flip” enters its second season this Friday, March 15th. The show was created by Lara Spencer, Good Morning America’s lifestyle anchor and former host of “Antiques Roadshow.” “The concept of the show is simple,” Spencer told The Huffington Post. “It’s one part treasure hunt, one part design, and one part competition show.” Two teams of two are given 500$ and a list of specific items they can hunt for to refurbish, repurpose and resell for a profit, all within an hour. The winners, who can sell their retooled creations for profit, win a grand prize of $5,000. Think of all the flea market treasures you could buy with that!

Spencer also shared a number of her flea market shopping tips, some of which echo the advice of yours truly: come early, be friendly! She also suggests carrying a notebook filled with sketches and images of pieces you like for inspiration, bringing cash (easier to negotiate with than a credit card!) and going through the market twice to be thorough.

In this Friday’s episode, Spencer and the competitors will be sifting through New York’s Stormville Airport Flea Market.


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